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  • Riva Tank E-cigarette Kits
  • Model: RIVA-T
  • 1. 2ml giantomizer, no leakage
    2. Dual string dia 1.5mm to create rich vapor
    3. Easy to refill liquid with needle
    4. Use fireproof materials of ceramic and fiberglass
    5. Durable, Safe and User-friendly
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Innovative Clearomizer(giantomizer) atomizer Design
New concept to combine atomizer/tank and metal housing into one unmovable piece to prevent liquid leakage, no cotton inside and so no risky of burning smell.
2ml Tank
Big liquid capacity as 2ml in atomizer, so no need to add liquid frequently
Rich Vapor
Dual string dia 1.5mm, other similar products only dia1.2mm
Low resistance available
Fireproof Materials, durable and reliable 
Use ceramic material for atomizer coil docking instead of combustible plastic, safe and durable
Use fiberglass material for atomizer string
No liquid suck-into-mouth risk
Giantomizer internal silicone cap sharp have been changed as curve to let liquid going down to tank slowly, then condensation liquid won’t be suck into user’s mouth
Needle refilling liquid
E-liquid bottle has steel needle to fill liquid well, no worry to spillover
Available color
Rubber painting black, white, red, blue and stainless
Riva rechargeable battery
We only use Desai battery since 2008, very low quality complaints.
If you keep sucking in 15 mouthfuls within one minute, the LED light will flash 5 times for reminding you have used one tobacco cigarette already
LED light blinking for 5 battery low voltage warning
Press the manual switch 3 times within two seconds, lock the electronic cigarette, repeated for press the manual switch 3 times within two seconds, unlock
Compare to other similar products ce2/ce3, eGo-W, F1, Apolo 580 from our competitor, here are some differences:
Some customer hurt from bad quality eGo-W or F1 and other clearomizers, they dare not to purchase Riva-T, because Riva-T looks exactly same as eGo-W and F1. But actually we got very positive feedback from our exist customers, not only super rich vapor but also amazing mouth feeling.
-  Dual string for purpose to create bigger vapor
-  Fireproof materials: Use fiberglass for string and ceramic material for coil docking for purpose to improve its reliability, no plastic burning smell
-  Dual string dia 1.5mm, other similar products only dia1.2mm
-  Giantomizer internal silicone cap sharp have been changed to let liquid going back to tank slowly, then the remained liquid won’t be suck into user’s mouth.
-  Different atomizer resistance options: Low 2.1-2.3, Regular: 2.7-3.0, High: 4.2-4.5ohm.

Now you can use giantomizers for MOD 6V battery now. 

Optional features:
LED lighting version: we have another new version with LED lighting inside, some customers like it, cost up is US$0.5 each Kit(2pcs atomizer per kit)
Variable voltage battery version: we can change to use Riva VV battery in the kits, cost up is $8 ~ 10USD each kit(2pcs battery per kit). Please find detail product descriptions of Riva VV battery.
Washing instructions: Because of all-in-one giantomizer design, you cannot wash and clear it as same as 510, eGo-T, but Riva-T string will be dirty cause by liquid substance accumulation from day to day, then it will affect your vaporize feeling so much. We recommend you to use 5V battery to burn your giantomizer without any liquid for a while.