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1. Hand made and make of 100% real wood,red wood,black sandalwood are availble.
the old one,the material is plastic which is fragile easily.But our epipe King material is100%real wood, such as Rosewood or Ebony or padauk.Epipe King looks more high-class.and it can’t be split. we can provide you any kind of wood material which you specify,different shape you designed,and different finishing,and can do your logo on the epipe,so that you have your exclusive special design products.
2. epipe King can be used with different atomizer because the top of epipe is 510 epipe King can come with 510 atomizer,DCT,different clearomizer,and son on.The old one comes with cartridge, when used up, you must throw away. But for King, you can refill eliquid in those atomizer such as DCT,510 tank.
3.There is no electronic PCB in epipe King, users don’t need to worry about the problems such as short circuit or PCB brocken.